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Arduino Pro Micro Quick Look


In this video we take a short look at the Arduino Pro Micro. This is the smallest of the Arduinos, but it still packs a hefty punch. The main chip is the ATmega 32U4, the same 16MHz powerhouse found in the Leonardo. The 32U4 also contains an internal USB transceiver, so no drivers are required. With the micro USB port on this little guy, no FTDI board is required, just plug it into your PC. Lots more details are revealed in the video. 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "VC60B Insulation Tester" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Pro Micro ATMEGA32U4 Arduino Pins and 5V, 3.3V Explained


In this video, you will learn about Pro Micro ATMEGA32U4 Arduino board and how to connect it external power or USB. Digital and analog pins explained PWM is tested. The best thank you for me is to not to skip ads and Subscribe 🔔 to my channel, like 👍 the video It is greatly appreciated. 🔔 😊. I will reply to all Subscriber's 🔔 questions. So make sure to Subscribe and enable the bell 🔔.😊 Jump to different chapters of this video: 00:28 Introduction to Pro Micro Arduino Board 01:23 Pins explained 05:00 Soldering pin headers 09:48 Jumper J1 Explained 13:40 Powering up Pro Micro from External source (raw pin) 16:34 LED Blink demonstration with Pro Micro 17:42 Select the board in Arduino IDE 19:22 Testing PWM for LED fade 20:15 Controlling Servo with Pro Micro 22:00 Connecting external 5V to power the servo motor Download Code and resources for this video: 🤍 Learn Arduino in 30 Minutes (video): 🤍 Tutorial by Ahmad Shamshiri form Canada Learn Arduino from a proven instructor with 100s of projects, code, wiring diagram in structured course in one place. Purchase Arduino Course at : 🤍 If you found this tutorial helpful, please support me so I can continue creating contents like this. Here is PayPal link 🤍 Get early access to my videos by becoming my Patreon and and have your name mentioned at end of very videos I publish on YouTube: 🤍 If you want to learn Arduino from proven instructor on Udemy: 🤍 Follow me on Facebook 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Tutorial by Get other projects code and learn Arduino 🤍 #robojax #robojax_board

Automating Mouse and Keyboard with an Arduino Pro Micro


Ever since getting my Eakins inspection camera, I've wished it had buttons to control the focuser rather than using a mouse. I looked for microcontrollers that could easily simulate mouse movements, and came up with the Arduino Pro Micro. In this video, I use an Arduino Pro Micro plus some Cherry MX Blue keyswitches to implement a keypad controller. The same board I'm thinking of also repurposing to make a macro keypad for my keyboard. For more electronics projects, see 🤍

How to use Arduino Pro Micro with a Sim Hub for DIY Buttom Box or Steering Wheel Simulation


this is my way how i program my steer wheel and my buttons box very easy using sim hub #simracing #motionsimulator #fanatec #simrig #simucube #thrustmaster #simdashboard #dirtrally2 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 sim rig

Arduino (Pro) Micro as a MIDI-USB device


This video is outdated, use these tutorials instead: 🤍 Learn how to make your MIDI controller with an Arduino: Portuguese: 🤍 English: 🤍 *Português abaixo In this tutorial I'll will show you how to transform an Arduino Pro Micro or an Arduino Micro into a MIDI-USB device, in order to make a real MIDI class compliant controller. Arcore library: 🤍 Learn how to build your own midi controllers using Arduino: 🤍 🤍 Neste tutorial eu vou mostrar como transformar um Arduino Micro ou Pro Micro em um dispsitivo MIDI-USB, para podermos construir um controlador MIDI class compliant de verdade. Aprenda a fazer seus próprios controladores utitilizando um Arduino: 🤍 Arcore library: 🤍 *How to make your Arduino Uno and Mega a USB Midi class compliant device: 🤍 🤍

Arduino Pro Micro Installation


View the complete courses 🤍: 🤍 🤍

Arduino Nano vs Arduino Pro Micro - which do I like best?


Quick introduction to the Arduino Nano clones which I have bought due to the apparently ever rising cost of the Pro Micro. The Nano isn't much bigger but is significantly cheaper (especially if you get the ones with the CH340 USB chip) and uses the same processor as the UNO so there is lots of code which will work with it.

How to Build Button Box Using Arduino Pro Micro - Part 1 - Build


In this video I will show how to create a button box that contains 36 buttons and 3 rotary encoders (the number of buttons and rotary encoders can be increased and decreased as needed) that is used in simulator games such as ATS, ETS2, Farming Simulator, using Arduino Pro Micro board. Also, there is a part 2 video explaining the code in it. Video link: 🤍 NOTE: DO NOT START THIS PROJECT IF YOU DONT HAVE THE REQIRMENT TOOLS, SUCH AS DRILL, DRILL BITS, AND SOLDERING IRON. In addition to the parts you also need wires to connecting the buttons together and to the board (I used the standard ethernet cable (the cable that comes with router will be perfect ). Building button box with 16 buttons using zero delay encoder board: 🤍 Building Shifter for ATS/ETS2: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Download links Buttons Box design: 🤍 Buttons' label: 🤍 Buttons numbering table: 🤍 Buttons connecting diagram: 🤍 Rotary Encoder connecting diagram: 🤍 Tuck/Trailer parking knob: 🤍 Parts Note: I am providing the link to show how the parts look, you are free to use them or not. Plastic electrical project box: 🤍 4 position momentary joystick switch (HKD-FW24): 🤍 Calterm push-pull switch (Calterm 42200 ): 🤍 Momentary push button normal open: 🤍 Car engine start push button: 🤍 Mini momentary toggle switch 3 position on/off/on (3 pins): 🤍 3D matte carbon fiber wrap: 🤍 Soldering iron: 🤍 Wires: I used standard ethernet cable. Drill bits: 🤍 Video music: 🤍

✅ El ProMicro no es un Arduino, Como Instalarlo en Windows, Mac o Linux


Como Instalarlo en Windows, Mac o Linux para hacer Teclado Gamer y Hackear LOL Descarga de Programas Profe Garcia: 🤍 Sitio del Fabricante SparkFun : 🤍 IDE Arduino: 🤍 Siguiente Video: 🤍 - Materiales - Tienda donde Compre los Materiales: 🤍 (1) Pro Micro Apoya esta labor educativa - Patrocinar mi Canal: 🤍 Invítale un café al Profe: 🤍 Sea parte de mis videos: 🤍 Suscribirse al canal: 🤍 SIGAME EN REDES SOCIALES - Pagina oficial: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 Google+ : 🤍

Programmable Macro Keyboard with an Arduino Pro Micro (32u4), Cherry Switches + Stealth Foot Pedal


A hot-key, shortcut, or macro keyboard built with an Arduino Pro Micro. This macro pad has as many features as it does mistakes during the design process. I wanted to make a macro keyboard to improve my workflow with some CAD programs. I added some of my favorite ideas from other's creations like: two rotary encoders, a mode switch, and a TRS breakout to use a foot-petal for discrete keyboard stealthiness. Version 2.0 is here!!! 🤍 I added many of the popular requests from these comments like individually address RGB lights, I2C LCD breakout and a better 3D printed case. Example code: 🤍 Buy the updated version here: 🤍 Buy the mini version: 🤍 Buy my book on RPi mini Arcades: 🤍

Todo sobre Arduino Pro Micro


En este tutorial aprenderemos todo sobre Arduino Pro Micro. Este es una versión de arduino no oficial por lo que hay que seguir una serie de pasos para instalarlo antes de poder usarlo, en el tutorial se muestra como instalar Arduino Pro Micro pero puede que este método cambie en un futuro a medida que este arduino se actualice o que se convierta en una versión oficial por lo que les dejare un link a la pagina oficial donde explica como instalarlo. Link sobre como instalar arduino pro micro: 🤍 Link para copiar en el Gestor de URLs Adicionales de Tarjetas 🤍 Si deseas saber aun mas sobre Arduino Pro Micro puedes consultar los siguientes enlaces: 🤍 🤍 🤍

Как прошить Arduino Pro Micro ATmega32U4. Обзор платы. Arduino для начинающих. Проекты Arduino.


Печатная версия 🤍 Как стать спонсором канала за 1$, чтобы помочь с закупкой расходных материалов, и недостающих инструментов 🤍 Проекты на базе Arduino Pro Micro: Клавиатура с макросами 🤍 Полезные программы: Arduino ide для начинающих 🤍 Симулятор Arduino UnoArduSim 🤍 Так как у меня имеется несколько проектов, на базе Arduino Pro Micro. То для тех, кто еще не знаком с этой платой, кратко расскажу о главных моментах, и покажу как ее прошить. Плата построена на базе микроконтроллера Atmega32u4, который работает на частоте 16 МГц. Как и большинство плат Arduino, прошивается напрямую через usb, без использования программатора. Микроконтроллер имеет 32 КБ Flash памяти, 2,5 КБ оперативной памяти, и 1 КБ энергонезависимой памяти. Главной особенностью платы является наличие usb интерфейса, благодаря которому, плата может работать как: джойстик, клавиатура, или как мышь. На плате имеется 18 контактов, которые можно использовать как цифровые входы или выходы. 9 из них могут работать как аналоговые входы, и 5 из них могут работать как ШИМ выходы. Для связи имеются шины: spi, i2c, и uart. Они могут пригодиться для подключения: различных дисплеев, датчиков температуры, влажности, давления. Модулей gsm, gps, Bluetooth, да чего угодно. При необходимости, можно программно создавать дополнительные линии связи, на любых свободных контактах. Плату можно питать двумя способами: от 5 вольт через usb разъем, или через контакт RAW, подключив от 6 до 12 вольт. На плате имеется светодиод для индикации питания, и еще два светодиода для индикации каналов RX и TX. Как и остальные платы Arduino, Arduino Pro Micro прошивается при помощи приложения Arduino ide. Загрузим на плату стандартный пример Blink, который находится во вкладке Файл/Примеры/Basics/Blink. В скетче 13 пин назначен как выход, и каждую секунду 13 пин переключается, то на высокий, то на низкий уровень. Дело в том, что на плате отсутствует 13 пин, как же как и сам пользовательский светодиод. Поэтому укажем любой другой имеющийся на плате пин, например первый, и будем подключать светодиод к нему. Подключаем плату к usb компьютера. Во вкладке Инструменты выбираем пункт Arduino/Genuino Micro, а также выберем компорт, к которому подключена плата. У меня компорт такой, у вас компорт может быть другой. Теперь нажимаем кнопку загрузить, и дожидаемся завершения загрузки. Подключаем светодиод к первому пину, а второй его конец к минусу. Максимально допустимая нагрузка на 1 пин составляет 40 миллиампер, а общая нагрузка на все пины не должна превышать 500 миллиампер, поэтому добавим в цепь сопротивление от 200 до 500 ом, чтобы не вывести из строя выход микроконтроллера, или сам микроконтроллер. #arduinoprojects #arduinopromicro #arduino

Product Showcase: SparkFun Qwiic Pro Micro


Find it here: 🤍 Here at SparkFun, we refuse to leave 'good enough' alone. That's why we're adding to our line-up of Arduino-compatible microcontrollers once more! The SparkFun Qwiic Pro Micro is a revision of the original Pro Micro and is, overall, functionally the same as the previous version. The board is the same size as the original Pro Micro but we added a few additional features by shrinking down some components on the board such as a reset button, Qwiic connector, USB-C, and castellated pads (this makes it really handy for you custom keyboard creators out there)! Think the Pro Mini except with an ATmega32U4 on board and full USB functionality.

Первое подключение Arduino Pro Micro и загрузка Blink


На канале открыта новая рубрика, посвященная системе Arduino и всему, что с ней связано. В этом видео рассмотрена установка программы Arduino IDE и первое подключение модуля Arduino Pro Micro. Загружаем тестовый скетч Blink, который подает сигналы светодиодам модуля Arduino. В следующем видео подключим к ардуино Светодиодный Кнопочный Цифровой модуль.

Scott Longhorn Pro Micro Review |


Scott Longhorn Pro Micro: 🤍 The Longhorn Pro Micro from Scott Archery has been a staple in Scott's lineup for awhile now, but they recently added a few upgrades to it. Be sure to watch the video and click the link above to learn more!

Fixing the micro USB socket on a Pro Micro type Arduino board


I accidentally ripped off the micro USB socket on a Pro Micro board. This is how I fixed it.

YouTube subscribers hacked using Arduino 🔥🤯 | Arduino Pro Micro


This video is an Introduction video to Arduino Pro Micro board and also made a project that will automatically subscribe my youtube channel from the computer on which the Arduino board is connected. You can support me🙏🏻 and also get benefitted on Patreon :- 🤍 To try out free trial version of Altium, click here - 🤍 Subscribe now💪🏻 to watch some amazing videos coming up soon. 🤍 👨🏻‍💻 Important Links 👨🏻‍💻 Purchase link for Arduino Pro Micro - 🤍 YouTube Subscriber Code - 🤍 Now you can get free PCB with every order of techiesms T-shirt or techiesms pocket notebook. You can buy the merchandise from here, 🤍 👀 You may Like these videos 👀 IoT Remote for smart home - 🤍 Beacon based door lock project - 🤍 Buy the components for your projects and support techiesms💡🔌 ESP32 Dev board - 🤍 ESP32 Module - 🤍 NodeMCU - 🤍 Raspberry Pi 4b - 🤍 Raspberry Pi pico - 🤍 Arduino MEGA - 🤍 TTGO TCALL module - 🤍 Visit my Amazon Storefront for purchasing any components you need for this project or any other project :- 🤍 ⏱ Time Stamps ⏱ 00:00 Introduction 00:25 Introduction to ATMEGA32U4 (Arduino Pro Micro) 02:49 Explaining Example Code For Arduino Pro Micro board 05:51 Testing Logout example code 07:11 Explaining Code for automatically subscribing YouTube channel 09:13 Testing Automatic Subscribing Code 09:35 Arduino Pro Micro with HC05 09:53 Teaser of Next Project video 🎥 🎙 My Video Gear 🎙🎥 Camera - Canon 750d Lens - 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens (🤍 24mm f/2.6 Key Light - Godox SL60W (🤍 Fill Light/Back Light - Osaka Lightning Setup (🤍 Tripod - 🤍 Microphone - Samson Meteor (🤍 Editing - Final Cut Pro X on MacBook Pro ( 🤍 ) Get connected with techiesms everywhere.. Subscribe Main Channel :- 🤍 Subscribe Shorts Channel :- 🤍 Facebook :- 🤍 Twitter :- 🤍 Instagram :- 🤍 Website :- 🤍 Telegram - 🤍techiesms You can support me and also get benefitted on Patreon :- 🤍 techiesms explore | learn | share

Setting a Real Time Clock (RTC) with an Arduino Pro Micro


This video tutorial uses a Real Time Clock (RTC) , Arduino Pro Micro, and the Arduino IDE software to set the time on the RTC.

How To Turn An Arduino Into A USB Keyboard Or Mouse! | ATMega32U4


Just a quick video showing you the possibilities of the venerable ATMega32U4 - found in the Arduino Pro Micro, Leonardo and the relevant clones. Check out Sparkfun's guide here, but please remember to include the Keyboard.h and Mouse.h libraries: 🤍 and here is the code I used: 🤍 Do you need some Arduinos? Get there here: Pro Micro clone: 🤍 Canada: 🤍 USA & World: 🤍 Leonardo clone: 🤍 Canada: 🤍 USA & World: 🤍 Thanks for watching! Check out my website: 🤍 If you feel like supporting the channel, please consider supporting on Patreon: 🤍 or get some cool merch! 🤍 or buy anything from USA Amazon using my affiliate link: 🤍 or buy anything from Canadian Amazon using my affiliate link: 🤍 or buy anything on Banggood's site using my affiliate link: 🤍 or buy anything using my Aliexpress affiliate link: 🤍 and if you feel so inclined, here is my Amazon wish list! 🤍

Arduino Pro Micro Macro Keyboard Version 2.0 | DIY Macro Pad for Professional Keyboard Slayers


This is a hot-key, shortcut, stream deck, or 'macro' keyboard built with an Arduino Pro Micro. This macro pad features two rotary encoders, RGB back-lighting for Cherry MX switches, a breakout for an external foot pedal, and a mode switch for multiple key profiles. This is not new, but vastly improved version 2.0 of my previous macro keyboard. Example code and supporting documents: 🤍 QMK firmware by Mike: 🤍 Buy this PCB: 🤍 Buy the mini version (v1.0): 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Intro 1:45 What is it 3:01 Assembly 14:06 Fun with Macros 15:55 Encoder Profiles 19:12 Arcade Trackball 21:28 Password Manager 22:35 Password Generator 24:18 RickRoll Button 24:53 RGB LEDs 29:16 LCD Updater 31:18 Outro My first attempt at this: 🤍 Buy my book on RPi mini Arcades: 🤍

Polish In Places You Could Not Before | Adam's Rotary Polishing Attachment Kit


Polish In Places You Could Not Before | Adam's Rotary Polishing Attachment Kit Adam’s Rotary Polishing Attachment Kitis a must have for those detailers who are focused on the most intricate details. This complete set up will allow you to attach to Adam’s Mirco Polisher and paint correct in the smallest of areas. Adam’s Rotary Polishing Attachment Kit can quickly convert the Adam’s Micro Polisher from a 2” paint correction pad down to a 1” and even down to 0.5” pads. The complete kit comes with all the necessary parts and pads so you can get to the details right away. For more in depth content and education, subscribe to our channel. Leave a comment or question to engage with one of our Adam's Team Members. •••Become a subscriber to Adam's Polishes Youtube Channel 🤍 •••Adam's Polishes Website 🤍 •••Adam's Polishes Instagram 🤍 •••Adam's Polishes Facebook 🤍 •••Adam's Polishes Youtube Channel Homepage 🤍

ProMicroをType-Cにする時、どのマイコンボードを買えばいいのか? | How to choose a ProMicro that supports Type-C


自作キーボードユーザはMicro USBタイプのProMicroを使っている方が多いと思います。 コネクタをType-Cにしたいと思われる方は多いのでないでしょうか。 a bit keysが開発した”key micro”がおススメです。"key micro"は以下の特徴があります。 ・pro micro とピンアサインを合わせており、pro micro の代わりに使用出来ます。 ・USB は Type-C を採用しています。 ・スルーホール4箇所で固定されていますので、モゲにくいです。 ・分割キーボード向けの、左右自動判定機能を用意しています。抵抗を取り付けることで、左右を自動判別出来るようになります。 ・コンスルーに対応しています。キーボード側もコンスルーに対応していればはんだ付け不要です。 ・全ての部品の高さを 2mm 未満に抑えています。2mm のコンスルーを利用可能です。 ・LED 非搭載かつ両面ともに完全シルクレスの黒色基板です。キーボードのデザインを尊重します。 a bit keys - key micro 🤍 🔴チャンネル登録お願いします👇 🤍 🔴Twitterフォローお願いします👇 🤍 📚【自作キーボード】の再生リストも是非見てください👇 🤍 ■このチャンネルの支援ページ 支援は当チャンネルのコンテンツを拡充させるために活用し、より楽しんでもらえる動画を継続的に提供していきたいと考えています!よかったら支援をよろしくお願いします。 Amazon欲しいものリスト: 🤍 note : 🤍 Patreon : 🤍 AmazonまたはBanggoodのリンクはアフィリエイトリンクです。アフィリエイトを通じて得られた収益は動画制作に活用させていただきます。よかったら協力をお願いします。 #自作キーボード #カスタムキーボード #メカニカルキーボード Many homebrew keyboard users are using the Micro USB type ProMicro. Many of you may want to change the connector to Type-C. I recommend "key micro" developed by a bit keys. key micro" has the following features - The pin assignments are the same as those of the pro micro, so it can be used in place of the pro micro. - Type-C USB is used. - The USB port is fixed with 4 through-holes, so it is not easy to be peeled off. - Automatic left-right judgment function is provided for split keyboard. By attaching a resistor, left/right can be automatically detected. - It is compatible with through. Soldering is not required if the keyboard side also supports through. - The height of all components is less than 2mm. 2mm through is available. - No LEDs are mounted and both sides are completely silkless black. Respects the keyboard design. a bit keys - key micro 🤍 🔴Please subscribe to our channel👇 🤍 🔴Please follow me on Twitter👇 🤍 📚Be sure to check out the Mechanical Keyboard playlist!👇 🤍 ■About Subtitles Although the message is in Japanese, you can use YouTube's subtitle feature to automatically translate it and view the message in your preferred language. You can choose the language you want by clicking on the Settings button under the Subtitles menu and selecting "Add subtitles". The subtitle options also allow you to customize the font size and transparency of the subtitle background for a better viewing experience. I hope you'll be able to watch it again, and I hope you'll be able to see it again. ■Support page for this channel Donations will be used to expand our channel's content, and we hope to continue to provide more videos for you to enjoy! Please support us if you'd like. Amazon Wishlist : 🤍 Patreon : 🤍 note : 🤍 Amazon or Banggood links are affiliate links. Any revenue earned through affiliate links will be used for video production. Please help us if you want. #MechanicalKeyboard #CustomKeyboard #key micro #ProMicro #Type-C

Best tank bags for motorcycles - PRO Micro | SW-MOTECH


Our PRO tank bags are among the best tank bags for motorcycles on the market. PRO Micro Tank bag Subtle and linear: The PRO Micro tank bag fits on almost any tank and securely transports small necessities like vehicle documents and valuables. Like all PRO tank bags, the Micro sits on an EVA plastic base that guarantees it will keep its shape. With the help of a zipper, the volume of the tank bag can be expanded. MOTORRAD Best Brand 2020 The PRO tank bags offer elegant and timeless design together with durable materials and sophisticated product features: Ballistic nylon material protects the luggage against shocks, wind and weather. The top made of laminated EVA material gives the bags a distinctive shape and, along with a MOLLE attachment, ensures a secure hold for smartphone and tablet holders. The factory-fitted upper ring guide rail allows for the tank bag to adapt to the shape of the tank and the ergonomic needs of the driver much more easily. Only the PRO tank bags offer this flexibility. Matching this, SW-MOTECH offers the patented PRO tank rings made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. They are made to match the motorcycle model. The robust PRO tank ring with magnetic guide aid secures the PRO tank bags with a mechanical QUICK-LOCK snap lock. This allows the tank bags to be attached or removed with just one hand. 🚨 Subscribe for more motorcycle videos 🚨: 🤍 Share this video with a friend: 🤍 Find all PRO tank bags in our webshop: 🤍 Product highlights in this video: PRO Micro 🤍 ✅ 📺 Watch next – PRO Tankring 🤍 🎞 Recommended Playlist – PRO tank bags 🤍 Let’s connect 🤜💥🤛 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram – 🤍 Twitter – 🤍 LinkedIn – 🤍 Contact 👥: Please contact us for questions, suggestions or claims. 📞: +49 (0) 6425 8168-050 ✉️: info🤍 Sponsoring requests: sponsoring🤍 SW-MOTECH GmbH & Co. KG Ernteweg 7-10 35282 Rauschenberg Germany 🛒 🤍 About us: The product range encompasses luggage systems, including side carriers and tank bags, and accessories for navigation and power supply as well as motorcycle gear for ergonomics, safety and maintenance use. Among the product range are handlebar mounting kits, gear levers and footrest kits, handguards, mirror extensions, crash bars and engine guards as well as fog and off-road lights. SW-MOTECH also produces systems for bar positioning and vibration dampening.

Zero Delay com Arduino Pro Micro


No vídeo mostro como fazer um Encoder USB (vulgo Zero Delay), para você ligar no PC, PS3, Raspberry Pi, TV Box etc. Link da página onde está o arquivo a ser gravado: 🤍 Link do programa usado para gravar: 🤍 Link do nosso grupo do Telegram 🤍

прошивка Arduino Pro Micro для mmjoy2.


Ссылка на конфигуратор.Скачать снизу предпоследний 20161101 🤍

✅ COMO instalar driver de ARDUINO PRO MICRO en windows 10 | arduino desde cero editronikx| @pcbway


video patrocinado por PCBWAY Cheap & quick PCB, 3D Printing, CNC machining and fabrication services from PCBWay: 🤍 link de descarga de driver 🤍 link a copiar en arduino (mayo 2022) 🤍 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ESTE MAGNIFICO arduino es el usa el mismo chip de arduino leonardo permitiendo un usb nativo permitiendo usar emuladores de teclado y mucho mas suscribete a mi nuevo canal de matematicas 🔴 🤍 SUSCRIBETE A MI CANAL EDITRONIKX Y ACTIVA LA CAMPANA y activa todos ✅🤍 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ Curso gratis ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ✅curso de Python 🤍 ✅curso de electronica desde cero GRATIS 🤍 ✅arduino desde cero 🤍 ✅ curso de pic 🤍 Sígueme por todas las redes sociales. sígueme en las redes sociales * 🔴tik tok: 🤍 🔴web: 🤍 🔴telegram:. 🤍 🔴instagram: 🤍 🔴facebook página: 🤍 🔴facebook grupo: 🤍 🔴twitter: 🤍 donativos * ✅🤍 #editronikx #masterclass #electronica #electronicadesdecero #arduino #cursogratis 🤍PCBWay #pcbway

SparkFun Arduino Comparison Guide


Updated guide for 2017: 🤍 Products Featured in this Video: Arduino Uno: 🤍 Arduino Uno SMD: 🤍 SparkFun RedBoard: 🤍 Arduino Pro 328 - 5V/16MHz: 🤍 Arduino Pro 328 - 3.3V/8MHz: 🤍 SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V: 🤍 SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout - 3.3V: 🤍 Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V/16MHz: 🤍 Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 3.3V/8MHz: 🤍 Pro Micro - 5V/16MHz: 🤍 Pro Micro - 3.3V/8MHz: 🤍 SparkFun MicroView - OLED Arduino Module: 🤍 SparkFun MicroView - USB Programmer: 🤍 Arduino Mega 2560: 🤍 Teensy 3.1: 🤍 Arduino Yun: 🤍 Thinking about getting started with Arduino but not sure where to start? Look no further! We've put together this handy guide to help you pick the right microcontroller for your project.

Blade Inductrix FPV Pro Micro FPV Drone Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Review


This is the Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Review for the new Blade Inductrix FPV Pro Micro FPV Drone. Link to similar quad: 🤍 or 🤍 The links in this description are affiliate links. They give me a small commission on sales which helps support the channel and keep it independent: 🤍 My FPV Equipment: - Fatshark Dominator V3: 🤍 - Mad Mushroom FPV Antenna: 🤍 - ImmersionRC SpiroNet Patch Antenna: 🤍 - Furious True-D V3 Diversity Module: 🤍 Video Equipment Used To Make This Video: - Sony AX-33: 🤍 - SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card: 🤍 - Fatshark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles: 🤍 - SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro SD Card: 🤍 In this video I compare it to some other Compact FPV Drones such as the Original Blade Inductrix, Poke FPV, and the Blade Nano QX2 FPV. I didn't buy an original Blade Inductrix FPV, which was modeled after the Tiny Whoop, but I did discuss some of the differences between the two in the video. Here are my review notes: Pros - It looks really cool - More responsive - 19,000 kv motors - An upgraded airframe for durability - Comes with a bigger battery than the original Inductrix - Maiden flight was nearly 4 minutes - 5.8GHZ FPV - It is BNF so I can use it with my Spektrum DX6 - Betaflight configurable - It is lighter than the original Blade Inductrix FPV Cons: - It is much louder than I expected - It experienes random shakes or "jumps" in the air - 25mW camera/VTX combo - The VTX gets hot pretty quickly I am every curious to see how this performs outside as I hope it is something I can fly when I take out my EMAX Babyhawk too. This is how Horizon Hobby describes it: "The Inductrix FPV Pro is the high-performance, micro FPV drone taking indoor racing performance to the next level. Building on the popular Inductrix platform, the Inductrix FPV Pro answers the call to those seeking heightened performance in a lightened, more durable profile. A significant feature is the Betaflight configurable flight controller which provides you the freedom to adjust all flight parameters, rates, and gains to fit your flying style. A new frame design with added reinforcements improves durability, making crashes worry-free. A new and improved camera and VTX combo flaunt a smaller monopole and lighter profile, while giving you more frequencies and bands to choose from. The included removable canopy gives the micro racer a sleek new design and color scheme without hindering weight or performance. The included 200mAh battery offers ample flight times, increased by the lighter overall profile. With the Bind-N-Fly completion level, all you have to do is bind a compatible Spektrum transmitter and you're off to the races. Improved Frame: Based on the Inductrix FPV, the updated frame design boasts added reinforcements in addition to a much stronger material. Betaflight Configurable: The F3 flight controller comes pre-flashed and tuned with Betaflight firmware, yet allows a pilot to adjust all flight characteristics, modes, rates and gains to their preference. High Performance 25mW camera/VTX: Impressive optics and integrated 25mW VTX with monopole antenna offer performance and durability in a sleek and lightweight profile. Extremely Lightweight: Even with all the improvements, it comes in lighter than the original Inductrix FPV. High Speed Motors: 19,000Kv + motors offer rapid throttle response and high top speed while maintaining stability. New Canopy: New canopy offers essential protection for flight controller and components, while staying unobtrusive and extremely lightweight. BNF® Completion: No soldering or tinkering necessary, high performance right out-of-the-box." I plan to get the Blade Inductrix Switch Air as soon as it comes out, so stay tuned for that!

Product review - Pro Micro ATMEGA32U4 5V 16MHz USB Controller Board Bootloader for Arduino


I got mine from: 🤍 I purchased the 5 Volt 16Mhz version to avoid 3.3 Volt problems.

Arduino Joystick 2.0 Library - Beginners Guide


A beginners guide to using the Arduino Joystick 2.0 Library, by MHeironimus Github for Library 🤍 Files mentioned in video (Sketch + AVR Board Folder) 🤍 The Library will only work on MEGA32u4 boards, such as the Arduino Pro Micro or Leonardo, or a AT91SAM board like the Arduino Due.

Arduino Pro Micro - Macro Keyboard


아두이노 매크로 키보드 file : Thingiverse - Stream Deck/ Marco Keyboard by CDante February 27, 2020 3D printing time : 14h 20m / material : PLA H/W material : arduino pro micro, gateron brown switch (arduino IDE board setting : Arduino Leonardo) S/W : AutoHotKey

Making An Ultra Low Power Arduino Pro Mini


This Arduino pro mini uses over 600 times less power than a traditional pro mini, using a couple of simple changes which cost around $2 to make. An original 3.3V Arduino Pro Mini uses around 4500 microamps when running the standard blink sketch. By making the changes in this video, you can get this Arduino down to just 7 microamps, while keeping the same functionality. Here's a full write-up on the modifications and results of each test - 🤍 If you'd like to get a Dcorn microscope - 🤍 Purchase Links (Affiliate) 3.3V Arduino Pro Mini - 🤍 MCP1700 - 🤍 MCP1702 - 🤍 Dremel Versatip - 🤍 Soldering Iron - 🤍 Soldering Helping Hands - 🤍 The above parts are affiliate links. By purchasing products through the above links, you’ll be supporting this channel, with no additional cost to you. If you've got any ideas for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other Electronics projects or tutorials you'd like to see, let me know in the comments section.

Arduino Custom Wireless Keyboard! | #P4


In this video I show you how to make any size custom wireless keyboard using any Arduino micro controller board. It's a perfect Arduino project! Here, the Attiny84 is used with the nRF24L01 radio module. You can also 3D print a case for it, or use the one I created. In this project, first we start by creating a prototype keyboard using a breadboard, then show you an idea of how you can combine the Arduino micro controllers with all the wiring and buttons to make a complete custom wireless Arduino based keyboard. Comment below on what project you want me to do next! It could really be anything! I made sure the keyboard draws the least amount of current by using an Attiny micro-controller and the nRF24L01 module. At the end, the total current consumption was 1.284 mA, which meant the keyboard can last for 16 days using a single coin battery, the CR2450. However, this is assuming the keyboard is on 24/7, but in practise, the keyboard, like any other wireless device, will be turned off when not in use, for example before going to bed. So a more realistic value will be that the wireless Arduino keyboard will last approximately 30 days. This arduino custom wireless keyboard was setup using a transmitter and a receiver. With the receiver micro-controller always connected to the computer, so it doesn't really matter which is used, but I have used the Pro Micro. For the transmitter, we need a micro-controller that has low current consumption, so the Attiny micro controllers work great for this kind of project. I have chosen the Attiny84 for the breadboard prototype version, and the Attiny88 for the final version for the 3D printed case. Components required for the project: - Attiny84/85/88 (or any low current consuming MC). - nRF24L01, two of them. - Pro micro, or any micro-controller with HID support to act like the receiver. - Some buttons, any, I have used linear Cherry MX switches. - CR2450 coin battery, and its battery holder. - A 3.3v voltage regulator, I have used the MCP1700, with 1000µF (could be 100µF) electrolytic capacitor, and a 104Z ceramic capacitor, soldered directly on to the MCP1700 voltage regulator, between the GND and VCC pins. To design all the 3D models I used Fusion 360, and printed them using the Creality CR6 SE 3D printer. Remember to Subscribe! :) I have over 50 amazing projects planned! Link to the code and 3D models: 🤍 Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: 🤍projectswithred 0:00 Intro 0:27 Components 02:32 Wiring 02:46 Arduino 04:33 Demo 05:53 3D printing 06:59 Outro #arduino #arduinoproject #keyboard #wireless #3dprinting #wirelesskeyboard

I built an Arcade DIY MIDI controller with an Arduino Pro Micro: The Fliper


➡️ Download the files: 🤍 ➡️ Making Music with Arduino: 🤍 ➡️ Curso Fazendo Música com Arduino em Português: 🤍 ➡️ Kicad PCB Design: 🤍 In this video, I'll show you the process of building this arcade DIY MIDI controller, which I did using an Arduino Pro Micro. I built this controller so I could have a launchpad, but also a couple potentiometers to control parameters in my DAW. This controller was inspired in the MIDI Fighter! I used all the inputs of the Arduino Pro Micro, and made it plug and play - no other software or driver needed, using the MIDIUSB library. Material: ➡️ 1x Arduino Pro Micro: 🤍 ➡️ 12x Arcade Buttons: 🤍 ➡️ 4x Rotary potentiometer b10k: 🤍 ➡️ 4x Spacers M3 35mm: 🤍 ➡️ M3 screws: 🤍 ➡️ Wires: 🤍 ➡️ 1 enclosure

ATMEGA 32U4 Arduino PRO MICRO Leonardo Key Windows 10


Automatyczne logowanie do windows 10 za pomoca arduino

コネクターがもげたArduino Pro Microを修理してみた。 Repair a broken Arduino USB connector.


micro USBのコネクターが外れてしまったArduino Pro Microを修理して使えるようにしてみました。 #Arduino #ProMicro #修理

How to rename Arduino Micro gamepads, how to use multiple controllers at the same time


It's super easy to make a USB game controller with one of these Arduino Micros. However you can't have more than one, because they all show up as the same name (Arduino Leonardo). Here's how I program my gamepads and then modify their HID reported names, in order to use all of them at once. Link to copies of boards.txt: 🤍

Perfect Every Inch of Your Car Inside and Out | Adam's SK Pro Micro Polisher 2.0


Micro polishers allow you to polish and perfect the finish of every tiny surface of your car that you couldn't correct with a larger 12mm, 15mm, or 21mm polisher. Areas like piano black or wood grain interior trim, badges, door handles, B pillars on some vehicles, and door jams are too tight to be corrected with a larger polisher. We've updated our micro polisher based on feedback from our customers and released Adam's SK Pro Micro Swirl Killer 2.0. This machine is more powerful, comfortable, durable, and versatile, making it the best option to perfect 100% of your car's finish. For more in depth content and education, subscribe to our channel. Leave a comment or question to engage with one of our Adam's Team Members. •••Become a subscriber to Adam's Polishes Youtube Channel 🤍 •••Adam's Polishes Website 🤍 •••Adam's Polishes Instagram 🤍 •••Adam's Polishes Facebook 🤍 •••Adam's Polishes Youtube Channel Homepage 🤍 •••Adam's SK Pro Micro Cordless Swirl Killer Polisher 2.0 🤍 •••Adam's Compound 12oz 🤍 •••Adam's Polish 12oz 🤍 •••Adam's Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad 🤍 •••Adam's Blue Foam Compound Pad 🤍 •••Adam's White Foam Polishing Pad 🤍

Tutorial Membuat Wireless Bad USB menggunakan Arduino Pro Micro


langsung saja download bahannya 🤍 full tutorial 🤍 minat dengan produk diatas? atau ingin memesan sebuah alat? hubungi wa : 085850107486 dukung channel ini agar tetap berkembang dan untuk mengembangkan project terbaru dengan berdonasi 🤍 (donasi hanya dipakai selama channel ini belum monetisasi) atau dukung dengan membeli produk di 🤍 🤍

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