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CMake Tutorial EP 1 | Understanding The Basics


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Simplified CMake Tutorial


CMake is a complex beast and hopefully I make it simple and easy to understand in this tutorial while also utilizing somewhat Modern CMake features. There's a ton of different ways to do things so it's crucial to ditch some of the more outdated ways of doing things. You can follow along here: 🤍 My C setup for CMake here: 🤍 #build #modern #cmake #cpp Quicklinks: 00:00 - Intro 00:43 - Hello World 03:55 - Clearing up clutter 04:47 - Vim plugin 06:05 - Header files 09:53 - More source files 13:52 - Custom Library 17:30 - Depending on a CMake ready lib 21:10 - Depending on a lib manually 26:46 - CPM

Why CMake?


Have you ever asked yourself, why does CMake exist or why would I want to use it? This video aims to answer these questions.

Modern CMake for C++


How to build a simple C project with CMake? What about advanced projects? #programming #tech #softwaredevelopment #cmake #cpp Codes are valid till 26th March 2022!!! 🤍 Discount code: RAFAL25 🤍 Discount code: 25RAFAL

CMake основы


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The only CMake tutorial you will ever need


CMake can make C development a lot easier. I don't like how people use CMake, however. In this video, I will show you how to use CMake as I do because I think it will help you if you are into game development with C or just C in general. Don't forget to practice what you see here 💪. The CMake repo: 🤍 The CMake setup for game development repo: 🤍 Check out this video if you want to start game development in C: 🤍 Check out my Steam game: 🤍 Discord server: 🤍 Music: Evan King - Beyond Light 🤍 🤍 #cpp #cmake #gamedev #gameprogramming #programming

CMake fundamentals step by step with basic example - Part 1


The biggest problem working with C/C application development is it's build system. Also this is one of the bottle neck, where lot of developer doesn't stay long with C/C application development, and they look for better and easy build system, which they only get in other programming languages like Rust, Java, C# et. not in C/C Also other pain point in C/C application development is they have lot of options for build system. Choosing one build system among many is one other pain point. Even after they choose, if project demands to migrate to other build system, it's a nightmare. To tackle add these problems we have CMake build system generators In simple CMake is not a build system rather its generator of build system. You can choose the build system which you want to generate. Learning CMake is not as simple as we hear, because we thing too much about compiling, linking and including. In CMake, you can concentrate on organizing your folder structure rather than bothering about your build system and how to edit it. that is the beauty of CMake. All C/C application program has three major things 1. How to create executable, shared library and static library 2. How to supply library to consumers 3. How to consume libraries from others All these can be addressed easily with CMake irrespective of build system In this upcoming videos, I will be explaining above three mentioned points Since it is my first video tutorial, feel free to post your feedback

How To Use VS CODE for C++ | With CMake & Any Compiler


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CMake: How to Build and Package C/C++ Projects


In this workshop we will learn about CMake, a build generation tool used to build cross platform C/C projects. If you are struggling to start your own C/C journey, and don’t know how to structure a C/C project, then this workshop is for you! Slides: 🤍 Source code: 🤍 CppCon 2017 Mathieu Ropert Using Modern CMake Patterns to Enforce a Good Modular Design: 🤍

CppCon 2017: Mathieu Ropert “Using Modern CMake Patterns to Enforce a Good Modular Design”


🤍 — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: 🤍 — CMake is the build system chosen by most open-source C projects. While it is fully capable of helping you enforce a good modular design, those features are usually not well known or understood. In this talk I will present modern CMake practices that will simplify your project build and help you design better C components with clear dependencies and build interfaces (the sum of compile flags required to use a given library). We will first do a quick recap of the theory behind modular design, most of it coming from John Lakos' work on Large Scale C Software Development. Then we will see a few of the legacy CMake patterns that can be found in a lot of open source projects and explain their shortcomings. We will learn how to create a clean C library using modern CMake practices and depend on it in others modules. Finally, we will explore the options available to export the build interfaces for use by external projects. In this last part a few external tools will be discussed such as pkg-config and Conan. — Mathieu Ropert: Senior Developer, Murex Mathieu is a Senior Developer at Murex where he works as a C expert and animates internal workshops & events. A long term open-source enthusiast, he tries to make C more portable across platforms. He is also co-host of the Paris C Meetup. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: 🤍 *-* Register Now For CppCon 2022: 🤍 *-*

Начинающим C++ кодерам


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CMake Tutorial For Beginners - Episode 1


This video shows you how to make a hello world project with CMake. You will learn how to use the add_executable command to create an executable target. As well as the install command for installing targets. Some basic use of variables is covered as well. All the coding is done in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

Cmake Basics #1 [بالعربى]


Tool:🤍 doc:🤍

Основы CMake


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Better CMake Part 1 -- Basic Project Setup and Usage


Topic time stamps: 0:00 - Intro + motivation 2:13 - Create a minimal CMakeLists.txt 4:10 - Build vs. source directories 5:03 - Separating build from source trees 6:09 - Running CMake on existing builds 7:03 - CMake UI tools 9:04 - Using different build system generators 10:04 - Generically invoke your build 10:53 - Wrap up GitHub: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Blog: 🤍

C++ Weekly - Ep 78 - Intro to CMake (Old version - see links)


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Narzędzia programisty: CMake


Skrót jednej z lekcji pierwszej edycji kursu C online. Krótki tutorial omawiający podstawy CMake. Kurs C online: 🤍 Spis treści: 00:00 CMake - wstęp 01:32 Minimalny CMakeLists.txt 02:24 Budowanie za pomocą CMake'a 02:58 CMake - zmienne 03:58 Dodawanie aplikacji i bibliotek 05:21 Linkowanie bibliotek 06:27 Tworzenie komentarzy 06:33 Flagi kompilacji 07:17 Włączanie standardu C17 07:44 Dodawanie testów do CTest 08:48 Budowanie w trybie debug

CMake Tutorial EP 2 | Libraries | Installing | Pairing with Executables | RE-DONE!


original ep2 - 🤍 full CMake playlist: 🤍

Introduction à cmake


import CMake, CMake and C++20 Modules - Bill Hoffman - CppCon 2022


🤍 - import CMake, CMake and C20 Modules - Bill Hoffman - CppCon 2022 🤍 Originally developed as part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) open source medical segmentation and registration toolkit ITK in 1999, CMake has grown to take on a vital role in the C ecosystem. Bill Hoffman, a founder of Kitware (🤍, and the creator of CMake will talk about where CMake is in 2022. The talk will start with a brief history of CMake and how it fits into the world of C. It will then talk about recent developments to support C20 modules. For most of CMake's history, CMake has played catch up and implemented new features as compilers and IDEs have been released. With C modules, CMake developers have engaged the standards committee and compiler vendors to help craft the standard in such a way that CMake and other build systems can more seamlessly implement C modules. CMake has worked with Fortran modules for many years and has updated the ninja build tool to be able to dynamically update dependency information as it is discovered. To do this CMake requires a Fortran parser built into CMake. For obvious reasons CMake does not want to get into having its own C parser. This is the main driving force for pushing this work into the compilers. This talk will go over the road map for CMake C module support. In addition to the history of CMake, C module support, this talk will include material covering important CMake features supporting the seamless building, testing and deployment of C across most computing platforms. In summary, listeners will learn about CMake origins, the roadmap of C module support in CMake and get an overview of the current set of features in CMake. - Bill Hoffman Mr. Hoffman is a founder of Kitware and currently serves as Chairman of the Board, Vice President, and Chief Technical Officer (CTO). He is the original author and a lead architect of CMake, an open source, cross-platform build and configuration tool that is used by hundreds of projects around the world, and he is the co-author of the accompanying text, Mastering CMake. Using his 20+ years of experience with large software systems development, Mr. Hoffman is also a major technical contributor to Kitware’s Visualization Toolkit, Insight Toolkit, and ParaView projects Mr. Hoffman received a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida and an M.S. in Computer Science from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (RPI). Prior to the formation of Kitware, he spent nine years at the General Electric Corporate Research and Development center, working in the Computer Vision Group. He has planned and taught several graduate-level courses at RPI as well as a course in object-oriented programming at New York University. Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: 🤍 YouTube Channel Managed by Digital Medium Ltd 🤍 #cppcon #programming #cmake

C++Now 2017: Daniel Pfeifer “Effective CMake"


🤍 — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: 🤍 — While CMake has become the de-facto standard buildsystem for C, it's siblings CTest and CPack are less well known. This talk gives a lightspeed introduction into these three tools and then focuses on best practices on building, testing, and packaging. We will learn how to manage dependencies and export our libraries in such a way that they can be easily used by our clients. We will crosscompile for different platforms and run our tests in an emulator. We will analyze code coverage and perform static and dynamic code analysis. — Daniel is an Electrical Engineer turned into a Computer Scientist. He works as C developer, system architect, trainer and guru for C and CMake. Daniel is the founder of the C user group in Munich. He is also an active contributor to CMake and knows some undocumented internals. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: 🤍 - -

Do you even test? (your code with CMake)


It's time we talked about testing our C code! We chat about what testing is and look into how to integrate one of the most used testing frameworks (Googletest) into our CMake project. *Script* 🎓 🤍 *Related materials* 📄 - Googletest Primer: 🤍 - Video about CMake: 🤍 - Video about Libraries: 🤍 - CMake tutorial from which I took the submodule idea: 🤍 *Support Ukraine* 🇺🇦 Ukraine is fighting a war against unprovoked russian aggression. Please donate to one of the funds to support them: 🤍 *Please support my _free_ work* 🙏 - Through Patreon: 🤍 - Through GitHub Sponsors: 🤍 *Contents* 00:00 - Intro 00:53 - What is testing? 01:39 - Which framework to use? 02:18 - One way to integrate testing into your project 05:11 - Maybe, let's add the C code? 08:42 - A better way to integrate testing into your project 11:02 - Adding some magic *Reference* - Image of Wednesday taken from: 🤍 - All the stock footage is from Pexels - The cat video is from YouTube



Short introduction to building code with CMake. Full course at: 🤍

Learn & understand CMake under 18 minutes (Made for noobs)


It's tough to get to learn about CMake in the first place. I have tried my best to make you understand CMake as straightforward as possible in 18 mins Learning Cmake helps professionally for C developers and programmers. Cmake in simple Commands: - First way mkdir build cd build cmake .. - second way cmake -B build cmake build build To select build system (Ex: Ninja) cmake -B build -G Ninja cmake build build #cpp #cmake #makefile #make #gnu #linux #buildsystem #programming #developers #visualstudio #qt #qtcamke Useful links: 🤍 🤍 🤍

CppCon 2018: Mateusz Pusz “Git, CMake, Conan - How to ship and reuse our C++ projects”


🤍 — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: 🤍 — Git and CMake are already established standards in our community. However, it is uncommon to see them being used in an efficient way. As a result, many C projects have big problems with either importing other dependencies or making themselves easy to import by others. It gets even worse when we need to build many different configurations of our package on one machine. That presentation lists and addresses the problems of build system and packaging that we have with large, multi-platform, C projects that often have many external and internal dependencies. The talk will present how proper use of CMake and Conan package manager can address those use cases. It will also describe current issues with the cooperation of those tools. If you've attended or seen my talk at CNow 2018, that time you can expect much more information on Conan and package creation using that tool. I will also describe how the integration of CMake and Conan changed over the last few months. — Mateusz Pusz, Epam Systems Chief Software Engineer Software architect, chief developer, and security champion with more than 14 years of experience in designing, writing and maintaining C code for fun and living. C consultant, trainer, and evangelist focused on Modern C. His main areas of interest and expertise are code performance, low latency, stability, and security. Mateusz worked at Intel for 13 years and now he leads C Community at EPAM Systems. He is also a founder of Train IT that provides C trainings to corporations. Mateusz is an active voting member of the ISO C Committee (WG21) where, together with the best C experts in the world, he shapes the next official version of the C language. He is also a member of WG21 Study Group 14 (SG14) responsible for driving performance and low latency subjects in the Committee. In 2013 Mateusz won “Bench Games 2013” – worldwide competition in the C language knowledge. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: 🤍 *-* Register Now For CppCon 2022: 🤍 *-*

How to Install and Use CMake and CMake-GUI to Configure and Build C/C++ Projects


CMake / CMake-GUI : Installation and usage

Lezione 03 CMake


Основы CMake // Демо-занятие курса «Специализация C++ Developer»


CMake - удобный инструмент для автоматизации сборки приложений. Популярен в мире C. Используется в большом количестве проектов. Рассмотрим преимущества и базовые возможности. В результате занятия научимся: - писать простые настройки сборки с помощью CMake - собирать простые проекты с использованием CMake «Специализация C Developer» - 🤍 Преподаватель: Сергей Кольцов - Senior Developer С VisionLabs Подключайтесь к обсуждению в чате - 🤍 Пройдите опрос по итогам мероприятия - 🤍 Следите за новостями проекта: - Telegram: 🤍 - ВКонтакте: 🤍 - LinkedIn: 🤍 - Хабр: 🤍

Introduction to Google Test and CMake


A viewer on one of my recent Twitch streams made an excellent suggestion/request for a video showing how to get started with the Google Test framework, to develop unit tests as part of Test Driven Development. I decided to throw in CMake as well and show how to start a new project using both, with a simple example that I hope anyone can follow along and do as well. I hope you enjoy this video! If you have ideas/requests for similar videos, please let me know. I can't promise to produce them right away, but I'll definitely put them on the list for consideration. Prerequisites for this example: * Visual Studio Code (VSCode) * C/C toolchain (examples: Visual Studio Community 2017, Xcode, Clang, gcc) * C/C extension for VSCode * CMake Tools extension for VSCode * CMake (either installed separately or as part of CMake Tools for VSCode) * git command-line tools (for cloning the googletest repository from github)

Using CMake's CTest to create and run all your C++ tests


In this video, we will learn how to use CMake's "add_test(...)" command to integrate your C project's tests into CMake. For more information on the CMake commands used, the test project in the video, and more remarks, check the links below! Using CMake's CTest Post: 🤍 Integrating GTest Into CMake: 🤍 0:00 - Intro 0:21 - Test Project Context 3:33 - Running Tests Manually 4:28 - Motivation For Using CTest 4:57 - Using enable_testing() and add_test(...) 10:30 - Bye Bye! Thank you very much for watching! If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to comment below.

CMake с нуля | 01 | Структура проекта


Рассмотрим возможную структуру проекта, In-Source build, Out-Of-Source build Основы Git 🤍 🤍 🤍 Discord Server: 🤍 Мои соцсети: VK: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Поддержка канала: 🤍 Скидка на 5 евро - FWHWYA95 🤍

Installing CMake in 2 minutes on Windows


This is a short video about the manual installation of CMake. CMake is an open-source and cross-platform build system. You can download it here : 🤍 (I apologize if I missed the pronunciation of some words ( ◡‿◡ *)) Thanks for watching !

Cmake Installation


Une petite précision : pour éviter d'écraser les fichiers déjà installer on va essayer d'installer les hearder et les librairies dans des répertoires du nom du projet. Par exemple dans /usr/local/include/Hello. Pou cela il faut éditer les lignes de la manière suivante : install(TARGETS HelloLib LIBRARY DESTINATION ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/${PROJECT_NAME}/lib) install(FILES ${HELLO_HEARDERS} DESTINATION ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/${PROJECT_NAME}/include)

CMake For Beginners? Create a C++ / CMake Project in 2 Minutes


If you're a beginner, writing the CMake for your C projects can be very scary indeed. Do we really have to spend sometimes hours just to get a "hello world" project to compile? This is where "cmake-init" comes in! cmake-init will generate a skeleton CMake & C project that is ready to be integrated & compiled by the most popular IDEs out there. All you need to do is run "cmake-init" and open the project with your favourite IDE, as it contains all the CMake presets needed. Feel free to put your questions and feedback in the comments below! And please subscribe for more quality CMake videos. Tools mentioned or used in this video: - cmake-init Github repo: 🤍 - WSL with Ubuntu - Windows Terminal - CMake - Conan for C package management - Vscode Sounds used: - Local Forecast - Elevator Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 🤍

[SWTT] Makefile과 CMake 기초


[SWTT] Makefile과 CMake 기초 강의 : 아주대학교 이다인

CMake and Qt (Part 4) - Using Libraries with CMake


One of CMake's strongest points is making it easy to provide and use libraries, in the same project or in different projects. This video explains the feature in more details and shows a simple example. Learn more about CMake during the training day at QtDevCon 2021: 🤍 Every month our newsletter is featuring technical blogs on CMake, Qt 6 and C: 🤍 All CMake and Qt videos: 🤍 About the host: This video is presented by David Faure, Senior Software Engineer and Trainer at KDAB. David is a CMake user ever since KDE adopted it, in 2006. Over the years, he has made numerous contributions to build systems written in CMake, and even a few contributions to CMake itself. He has taught CMake development for numerous customers, and has migrated the entire buildsystem of large existing projects to CMake. About KDAB: KDAB offers experienced software experts to help you deliver functional, high-performing, and innovative software across embedded, mobile, and desktop platforms for projects using C, Qt, QML/Qt Quick, OpenGL, Qt 3D, and more.  🤍 KDAB experts regularly take time out to deliver KDAB’s world class training, in-house or at open enrollment courses around the world.  We are the market leaders for training in Qt, OpenGL, and C. Contact us to find out more at training🤍 or visit our website: 🤍 We are about 90 people, located all around the world. Our Head Office is in Sweden and we have other offices in Germany, France, the UK, and the USA. 🤍

Deep CMake for Library Authors - Craig Scott - CppCon 2019


🤍 — Discussion & Comments: 🤍 — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: 🤍 — This talk presents a road map for C library authors grappling with cross-platform aspects of library development and deployment. It highlights key CMake features that every cross-platform library project should be using and digs deeper into the platform-specific quirks and conventions behind them. The material presented will give library authors more robust control over their API, smoother integration with major platforms and packaging systems, and more convenient inclusion by other projects. The presentation will firstly examine how symbol visibility, library versioning and API evolution can be handled coherently across all major platforms and compilers. CMake provides dedicated features for these that are easy to use, but with the deeper understanding provided by this talk, library authors will be able to make these areas work together more seamlessly and avoid future maintenance and compatibility issues. We will then explore how platform and vendor differences affect the installed directory layout for projects with libraries. CMake features for transparently handling the different conventions and policies will be presented, including recent CMake improvements which simplify this task. The importance of RPATH/RUNPATH functionality for improved runtime robustness and ease of use will also be explained, along with some associated support CMake provides. Along the way, the talk will mention a number of specific things that CMake library projects should do or avoid to make themselves easy for other projects to consume. This will include versioning support for CMake config package files, guidance on defining install components and accounting for the different ways that projects may incorporate yours into their build. — Craig Scott Crascit Pty Ltd Founder Craig is a CMake co-maintainer and author of the book “Professional CMake: A Practical Guide”. He has been developing cross-platform C software since 2001, targeting most major platforms and working on large scale frameworks, scientific algorithm development, Qt GUI applications, backend services and embedded devices. He is the company founder of Crascit Pty Ltd, through which he offers consulting services related to CMake, C and build/release processes. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: 🤍 *-* Register Now For CppCon 2022: 🤍 *-*

Level Up Your Debugging Workflow with CMake Presets, Disassembly View, & GitHub Actions Julia Reid


Join The ACCU Membership For Exclusive Benefits, Discounts & Reduced Conference Ticket Pricing: 🤍 - Level Up Your Debugging Workflow with CMake Presets, Disassembly View, & GitHub Actions - Julia Reid - ACCU 2022 Slides & Materials: 🤍 Are you looking to level up your debugging workflow and ship higher-quality products? In this session, we’ll get a simple embedded project up and running on a Raspberry Pi using CMake Presets and the CMake Tools extension for Visual Studio Code. Then, we’ll dive deep into a remote debugging session, digging into both source code and assembly language. Then we'll enhance our Raspberry Pi development workflow by setting up a Continuous Integration pipeline that builds and tests our program every time changes are pushed to the repository. We'll optimize efficiency by committing changes to our repository directly from the web browser with GitHub Codespaces. While I'll be using a simple C embedded project in these demos, the value of these practices hold true for all kinds of applications! - Julia Reid I'm a program manager on the Visual C team at Microsoft. I focus specifically on C development experiences in Visual Studio Code. - Videos Filmed & Edited by Digital Medium: 🤍 #accuconf #programming #cmake #raspberrypi

CMake Tutorial - #01 Einführung in CMake & Installation (deutsch/german)


In diesem Video gebe ich euch eine kurze Einführung in CMake und erkläre außerdem, wie man CMake auf verschiedenen Betriebssystemen installiert. Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:14 Warum benötige ich ein Build-System? 2:09 Vorteile CMake 3:16 CMake Installation 5:25 Outro Webseiten: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Meine Webseite: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 PayPal: 🤍 CMake Beitrag: 🤍

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